Cuban Flank Steak with Herb-Lime Chimichuri

Slight changes to an existing Weight Watchers recipe. So good (especially with a few cranberry-vodkas on a hot summer’s day)!



1 Flank Steak
Zest of One Lime
3 Parts Kosher Salt
1 Part Cayenne Pepper
1 Part Garlic Powder
1 Part Onion Powder
Pepper (To Taste / As Needed)
1/2 Red Onion
1/2 Cup Fresh Mint Leaves
1/2 Cup Fresh Cilantro
1/4 Jalapeño (No Seeds)
2 tsp Honey
2 tsp Olive Oil
Juice of 2 Limes
  1. Rub Flank Steak with prepared seasoning, plus lime zest. Cook on grill until cooked to desired doneness (5-minutes per side for medium-rare).
  2. While steak cooks, combine Chimichuri ingredients in food processor. Pulse until finely chopped / incorporated.
  3. Let Flank Steak rest 5-minutes. Thinly slice, and top with desired amount of Chimichuri.
  4. Enjoy!

We served this with a side of Mexican Potato Salad to make “Latin night” feel complete.


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